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Can you imagine life behind bars when you get arrested? You will worry about a lot of things including work, family and the entirety of your obligations outside the jail. Now, imagine if you find a loved one behind bars. As a supporter, you still feel worried and anxious. Either way, you want to spare your loved one from the stress and trauma brought about by the arrest and detention. The individual accused or the defendant can just use bail for temporary freedom.

Bail is popularly known as an insurance policy in the law enforcement industry. It is an amount the defendant has to pay in order to be free to go as long as he or she will attend all scheduled court trials. The bail amount is determined depending on many factors especially the weight of the allegedly committed crime by the defendant. Bails are always expensive and not everyone can afford it. 

The defendant can use a bail bond if he or she can’t afford the bail amount. He or she needs to contact a bail bondsman to facilitate this process. Our company has the most reliable, knowledgeable and trustworthy bail bondsman in Torrance. We take pride in the excellent track records of our bail bondsmen. As a company who has been in the bail bonds industry for a long time, we have extensive experience in various cases that made our knowledge and skills better. This reflects our bail bondsmen who have been trained by the best in the industry.

When the need for bail bonds arises, you can call us anytime. We are open 24/7 because we know that crimes and arrests happen anytime. Our bail bondsman will then meet you immediately and will discuss with the defendant and his or her loved ones the seemingly complicated process of bail bonds in a simpler manner. Like bail, a bail bond is some kind of an insurance policy that the defendant files with the promise of his or her presence in all court hearings. The difference between bail and bail bond is that instead of depositing money or property to the court, the defendant will just present an agreement between him or her, the bail bondsman and the court. The bail bond will only cost a 10% fraction of the total bail amount, which is the uniform rate in all of California. We are glad to say that our company has payment options and terms for the convenience of the process. The defendant will also need a co-signor who will be liable for the bail in the event that the defendant misses a court hearing. It is advised that the co-signor has a close relationship with the defendant to remind him or her of his or her court responsibilities.

When everything is settled, the bail bondsman will facilitate the release of the defendant immediately. We guarantee that our company has a policy on the privacy of each client because we value the trust that you give us. We promise a fast, efficient and honest service in every case we handle. This has been proven by the testimonials of our previous clients. We plan to get even better in everything that we do. So when an unimaginable thing happens and you find a loved one in jail, call us!

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